Quick Chicago update.

Heinz Hall

Image from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra website

I went to see Chicago Thursday with my roommate, and I was not let down. We actually received a special: for $25 we could sit further down in the balcony for a much cheaper price, so we got much better seats than I was expecting. Continue reading


Eating late Dahntahn.

Well, it’s late, you’re hungry, and you’ve found yourself in downtown Pittsburgh. After living here for a year, I’ve learned Dahntahn is infamously known for everything closing early. You won’t be able to run to CVS for some last minute errands or grab a new outfit at Macy’s, but I can assure you there will be food to eat until about 1 a.m. or 2 a.m or sometimes even 3 a.m. This food comes in the form of pizza places. Continue reading

Top five Halloween related events.

Pittsburgh Halloween

Top Five Halloween Events around the ‘burgh

Since October begins tomorrow, I want to get in the Halloween spirit. The holiday may only last one day, but I think there are enough events around Pittsburgh to make it last a month (and maybe even farther). Somethings on the list aren’t exactly the cheapest, but I think picking one or two really fun events would be worth it. I’ve picked five haunting happenings around Pittsburgh for everyone to take a look at. Continue reading

Gallery Crawl recap.

gallery crawlMy roommate and I headed out to the Gallery Crawl last night, which was actually pretty easy because it was right outside our door. The Gallery Crawl is a great thing for Downtown. It really transforms the area into something great. There are people allover, live music, food, and multiple things to do. We went to Wood Street Galleries, Space, 937 Liberty (Currency), 943 Liberty (Path: An Installation by Elin Hasdottir), Toonseum, Future Tenant, 707/709 Penn Gallery, and the Project Pop Up: Night Market. All, except the Night Market, are accessible at other times, so check them out. Continue reading