Andy Warhol timeline.

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The Andy Warhol Museum taught me things I would have never guessed. Realizing he grew up in Oakland where I have been many times, and that he went to high school there was very eye opening. It’s great to see how this city can give rise to such fame, and it is not just Warhol either. There are many others. I was also unaware of someone trying to kill him, and his struggle to survive afterward. Learn a little more about Warhol here.



Andy Warhol MuseumThe Andy Warhol Museum, located conveniently right across the Andy Warhol Bridge (117 Sandusky St. to be exact), is offering half-priced admission on Fridays from 5-1o p.m. as part of an event called Good Fridays. There will also be a cash bar for guest over 21. According to the museum’s website, many of the Fridays also feature special programs that include music, film and performances. The Warhol has collections of drawings, prints, photographs, film and more from the artist from the 1940s until the 1980s. Visitors are also able to learn about the life of the artist. Continue reading