Quick Chicago update.

Heinz Hall

Image from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra website

I went to see Chicago Thursday with my roommate, and I was not let down. We actually received a special: for $25 we could sit further down in the balcony for a much cheaper price, so we got much better seats than I was expecting. Continue reading


Eating late Dahntahn.

Well, it’s late, you’re hungry, and you’ve found yourself in downtown Pittsburgh. After living here for a year, I’ve learned Dahntahn is infamously known for everything closing early. You won’t be able to run to CVS for some last minute errands or grab a new outfit at Macy’s, but I can assure you there will be food to eat until about 1 a.m. or 2 a.m or sometimes even 3 a.m. This food comes in the form of pizza places. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Terror Trolley.

I’m still keeping with my Halloween spirit. FYI: “Hocus Pocus” was on ABC Family last night, and¬†despite knowing all the punchlines, I still adore it. I haven’t caught “Halloweentown” yet though. Molly’s Trolleys is a Pittsburgh trolley tour company that started int 1995. The company offers the regular sight seeing tours, weddings, and more, but what I’m interested in is the Pittsburgh Terror Trolley.¬† Continue reading

Pittsburgh gems: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, First Presbyterian Church and Franktuary.

This week I interviewed two Pittsburgh college students about things they like to do around the city, which is found above. Each student mentioned attractions that Pittsburghers might take for granted. One student mentioned the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, First Presbyterian Church and the graveyard located around the two as places to check out in Pittsburgh. They’re located right on Sixth Ave. in Dahntahn; you cannot miss them. Continue reading

Review of eatPGH.

Looking for new places to eat around the ‘burgh? eatPGH is a blog dedicated almost solely to Pittsburgh food. The blog has also


from eatPGH.com

started to reach out to neighboring cities. eatPGH is run by four local women who have a love for food, especially in Pittsburgh.

Excluding other cities, the blog is divided into eight sections: the east, the west, the north, the south, dahntahn, events and recipes. The sections do just what they say. Each of the directional sections make it easier for readers to find a restaurant in the area they want of the city. Once a section is chosen, readers can choose by looking at the picture of a dish, or the name of the restaurant, event or recipe. Continue reading