Get ready.

I’ll have a bigger post coming up about four iconic Pittsburgh restaurants. You’ll be getting the whole experience of these places that you’ve most likely heard of if you’ve lived in Pittsburgh long enough. Mouths will be watering.


A holiday classic.


As Light Up Night has passed and the rink at PPG is now open, it is starting to feeling like the holiday season. If you’re still not in the spirit, there are two chances to catch the bug. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Terror Trolley.

I’m still keeping with my Halloween spirit. FYI: “Hocus Pocus” was on ABC Family last night, and¬†despite knowing all the punchlines, I still adore it. I haven’t caught “Halloweentown” yet though. Molly’s Trolleys is a Pittsburgh trolley tour company that started int 1995. The company offers the regular sight seeing tours, weddings, and more, but what I’m interested in is the Pittsburgh Terror Trolley.¬† Continue reading

Pittsburgh gems: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, First Presbyterian Church and Franktuary.

This week I interviewed two Pittsburgh college students about things they like to do around the city, which is found above. Each student mentioned attractions that Pittsburghers might take for granted. One student mentioned the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, First Presbyterian Church and the graveyard located around the two as places to check out in Pittsburgh. They’re located right on Sixth Ave. in Dahntahn; you cannot miss them. Continue reading

More for fall.

Celebrating fall with some pumpkin pie cheesecake.

Despite hating the change from tank tops to sweaters, I’m a fall junkie. What I consider to be fall weather is gorgeous, and so is the changing of the leaves. (not this 30 degree stuff at night) Fall is the last hoorah of enjoying the outdoors for the year in my book. If my apartment building let me, I’d make my hallway into a mini halloween attraction. That’ll never happen, so I’ll settle for doing another list of things to do for the fall/Halloween in Pittsburgh. Continue reading