My name is Sara Payne. I’m: a student at Point Park University, living in downtown

pittsburgh blogs

Photo courtesy of Tim Engleman

Pittsburgh, a native of Barker, N.Y. a small town I’m almost certain you’ve never heard of. I fell in love with my new city pretty quick, as I could finally walk to almost everything I needed. I know longer had to take drive a car for 20 minutes to get to McDonald’s. (There’s at least three in walking distance to my apartment…) I want to continue this love affair.

As a student in Pittsburgh, I’ve often heard there aren’t a lot of things to do. (especially for the under 21 crowd) I never wanted to agree with this statement, but sometimes I found it hard not to. This blog is my attempt at that. I want to be able to provide students with fun things to do, so I never have a reason to hear how boring Pittsburgh is anymore., or a reason I can’t persuade someone otherwise College students are a hard audience to reach, and I totally understand. The event has to be close enough to us to get to without a hassle, interesting enough to keep our wandering minds entertained, and cheap enough to not make us whine. (This usually means free, or very close to it.)

My plan with this blog is to keep myself updated on as much as I can that is happening around the ‘burgh. I’ll make sure to give a weekly list of things happening, and then ask for some suggestions on what everyone would like me to cover. This way Pittsburghers are able to see what events they can attend, when and where, and go if they are interested. If they aren’t able to make it, I can show them what they missed out on, and hopefully get them interested in the next list of events I post.

So to all who read this, I ask one thing. Try to let me know what you are interested in, so I am able to cover those events.

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